Nestled between the lovely hills and the Loktak lake stands St Xavier’s School, Moirang, which is run by the Jesuits, who are a worldwide organization under the Catholic Church. This institution was started at the request of the local people for a catholic institution. It has completed more than 25 years of existence. It has contributed immensely to the intellectual formation of the local people. The school imparts Christian  values through education and helps in intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the child.

Located in a plain land surrounded by lush green fields attracts many to this school. The serene green beauty of the campus provides the students with a natural environment to grow.  It’s the campus where children enjoy fresh air, huge area to move around and wonderful ambiance for intellectual formation.

The school gives importance to all aspects of life. Intellectual formation has to go along with the growth of the child. The child is made to study in the natural settings and utmost care is taken for the child to enjoy every bit of childhood’s precious time.

The campus bubbles with activities which keep the students learn various things as they grow in this school. The various clubs add the joy of learning help children to relax and enjoy their childhood. The various programmes and celebrations give an opportunity to the students to exhibit what they learn in their clubs.

The experienced, dedicated and committed staff of the school always strive for the growth of the child. They never shy away from spending extra energy in helping children in their growth. Down the years the school has consistently achieved outstanding results. This is possible because of our hardworking staff.

Being a Jesuit school our students stand at par with Jesuit school students all over the world. They are the family members of the large body of Jesuits. Imparting education in the Jesuit way to stand tall in the world with value based life is the goal of our education. Making our students aware of the Social responsibility and helping to be aware of the situation of the world and act as transformers of the world is the target of Jesuit education. I hope this desire of ours becomes a reality only when we all cooperate to make this a better place to live. Xavierites shine… !!!

Fr. Felix Monteiro SJ