Vision and Mission

The Jesuit Education is inspired by the vision of human being drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and based on the principles of character formation elaborated by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

The Jesuit Schools aim at the integral personal formation of the young and it sets before the students the high ideals of love and service, concern for human life and the environment, higher intellectual pursuit, honesty in all things, a culture of hard work, dignity of labour, tolerance towards all, and thus form them to be men and women for others and with others.

Hence special efforts are made to:

  • To help the students to become mature and spiritually oriented men and women of character
  • To encourage the students to honestly strive for excellence in all aspects of life
  • To value and judiciously use their freedom
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action
  • To be selfless in the service of others
  • To become agents of social change in their respective places.

The Jesuit schools thus aim at making its own contribution towards  transformation of the present-day social conditions so that principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom, respect for religious and moral values, enshrined in the Constitution of India, may prevail, and the possibility of living a fully human existence may be open before all.

The school proposes to their students the motto, “IN ALL THINGS TO LOVE AND TO SERVE.” It is to seek and find God above all in everything which impulses to love and serve the humanity irrespective of tribes, creeds and nationalities. It calls to strive for excellence, with responsibility towards other human beings.